Colcom Group Spa

25075, Italy, Nave - Brescia, Via Degli Artigiani 56
Phone number
+39 (30) 2532008
About company
Colcom Group is leader in the field of systems and accessories for tempered glass, manufactures hinges, locks and fastenings for doors and tempered glass panels. This range of accessories focuses on innovation and attention to design, and meets the need of those who want to make their environment more beautiful, functional and safe. Colcom’s product range includes shower enclosures, interior and exterior doors, partitions, sliders, handles and locks. The hydraulic concept is Colcom Group prominent element of R&D that was developed and patented as evolution and synthesis of the automatic-mechanical hinges and the traditional hydraulic door closers already on the market. This can be found in hinges for internal and external doors, and shower enclosures. The group operates worldwide with 3 brands : Colcom , Minusco and Sadev .
Colcom - Minusco- Sadev