Applico Manufacturing co.

119048, Russia, Moscow, Efremova street, 22, of. 2
Phone number
+7 (495) 5306600
About company
The russian manufacturing company «Applico manufacturing co.» creates murals, photo wallpapers and innovative New Bas-Relief. Due to its latest developments and modern digital technology, the company produces a new generation of frescoes that allows you to recreate the effect of a traditional hand painted. «Applico manufacturing co.» has a patent for the invention and utility model patent. «Applico manufacturing co.» generates new collection of images for the catalog «Trends of Applico». Our mission - to help designers and architects to create exceptional individual interiors with unique wall coverings Applico, produced with the use of manual labor and the latest digital technology to ensure high product quality standard. The main criteria for the company's products are: • An innovative approach to the development and design of high-tech wall coverings premium • Recent new image collections • The use of hi-tech materials • Perfect quality of the finished product • Durability
Applico, Applico Manufacturing co.