119002, Russia, Moscow, Bolshoi Nikolopeskovsky lane, bld. #13, room I, off. 1A
Phone number
+7 (495) 9882926
About company
Trade Company 2T is engaged in wholesale trade in the unique Russian-made PPU thermal insulation in aerosol cans under the brand name POLYNOR. Sprayed polyurethane insulation POLYNOR® belongs to a new class of materials for thermal and sound insulation. It is ecologically safe, reliable, affordable and extremely easy to use. Using POLYNOR can handle the most hard to reach places and areas of complex shape. The accumulated experience allows us to vouch for the quality of the products. Currently, you can purchase our products in different regions of our country at our dealers and retail chain stores, such as LEROY MERLIN, Baucenter. Today, our company continues to develop dynamically. In the long term we plan to expand its presence in the regions and the release of new products in the line. At the exhibition we will present several unique products that have no analogues to date.