82030, Italy, FOGLIANISE(BN), via Fontana n. 4/a
Phone number
+43 (805) 3299543805; +43 (805) 3299543805
About company
The beer is produced in the 2.5 hl Foglianise plant, skilfully mixing the water of the Taburno-Camposauro massif, EXCLUSIVELY, with the malts of CENTRALSOUTHERN ITALY. The production process is entirely manual, both for the production of beer and for packaging, as it is believed that the human hand is the INDISPENSABLE added value of each product. The only corrections are made for the correction of the PH of the water, with absolute absence of use of chemical products. Also with regards to bottling, the only trick implemented is a pre-bottling winterization process to encourage sedimentation on the bottom of the suspended parts. The common characteristics of the beers are: 1) Top-fermented beers; 2) Exclusive use of Italian malts; 3) Use of waters of the TABURNOCAMPOSAURO massif; 4) Exclusive use of patented imitation leather label, which can be detached and reused as a gadget; 5) Exclusive use of self-supporting display for bottles in order to ensure greater visibility inside the stores; 6) Use of mechanical stopper bottles; 7) Repurchase and re-use service of empties, after a sanitation process for ozonation (without the use of chemical detergents) They are unfiltered and unpasteurized beers