Aziende Agricole Scyavuru srl

92016, Italy, Ribera, Via Chiarenza, 8
Phone number
+39 (0925) 63297
About company
Aziende Agricole Scyavuru, raising in the middle of an orange garden near Ribera, a little town crossed by three rivers on the south coast of Sicily, began with a 16 litres pot and a few jars of marmalade. From there on we have always been faithful to our most ancient traditions, to the quality of the raw materials and to the recipes given through generations. Our main goal is to transform what the territory offers with a particular eye on the cultivation and harvesting of the fruits. We select fresh and genuine ingredients for the preparation of our marmalades, jams, sweet spreadable creams, pesti, wine jellies and panettone, supervising each single step. Being artisans, we take care of each single detail, studying the right combinations, the balance of the tastes and flavors. Each product is a tale that recalls the atmosphere, the fragrance and the colors of the territory.
Scyavuru, Uniche&Sicule