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Phone number
+86 (535) 6377581; +86 () 18660598947
About company
Shinho was founded in 1992. As a Parent brand, it possesses 11 Sub brands which include condiment brands centered on fermentation techniques, organic food brand, healthy preserving vinegar brand and worldly famous snack food brand. After more than 20 years’ development, Shinho has become an enterprise that owns 10 professional manufacturing bases and more than 7000 employees whose constant commitment and dedication ensure each bottle of Shinho’s products be delivered to each family with the same quality standard. In China, more than 40 million families are enjoying Shinho’s products. In the world, Shinho’s products are being distributed in over 60 countries and regions. Starting from consumers’ perspective and adopting advanced manufacturing techniques, Shinho keeps developing new products that satisfy modern people’s various demands. The condiment product series, which are Shinho’s core products, has expanded to hundreds of categories. To satisfy the daily needs of families. We hold our belief---treat the world as family and never forget our original intention----Make sure more families eat healthy food and eat healthily. In the future, Shinho will center on “Food”, which is the company’s core undertaking, and expand itself into more fields. On this account we positively promote the improvement of food ecosystem. To make sure that our families enjoy every meal with peace of mind, be happy and healthy every day.