Balkhoorma LLC

AZ1073, Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan,Baku city,S.Dadashov str. 6, f.33
Phone number
+994 (12) 5395392; +994 (50) 2050706
About company
“Balkhoorma” had launched its operation in 2016. It is an entity, which has leading role in the production of dry and semi-dry fruits, is provided with automated technical equipment and meets modern standards with the washing, peeling, cooling and packaging workshops, operating under it. The fruits are collected from private palm fields of residents in Balakan region for production in “Balkhoorma” entity and go through strict quality control. When the date goes into production after it passes the quality control, modern automated equipment enables to preserve all the beneficial substances of fruit and to provide a 100% biological safety. In full hygienic condition, the date, brought to processing facility of our company where production is carried out, is sorted firstly, and then washed with clean water by cleaning from damaged, immature and maturing expired fruits. The water of date, washed and cleaned, is removed in special device at low temperatures, thus the date keeps its nutritional value and all useful qualities as well as preserves its natural colour unchanged. Upon complete production of dates, they are placed into the special containers and cooled at 25 o C temperature in refrigerator chamber. The finished products are stored in a special storage before the sale. The useful products of “Balkhoorma” bring diversity to the food industry and catering facilities, and flavor to the tea table, as well as can be a unique gift for friends and loved ones.