Zhivaya Eda, Torgovy dom

170555, Russia, Tver, Tver region, Kalininskiy district, Kvakshino village, 57A
Phone number
+7 (925) 0601108
About company
Health may be tasty! Unique food technologies allowed the company to organize the production of various types of food products from sprouted wheat with the addition of selected dried fruits, including pineapple, raisins, figs, cherries, cornel, dried apricots, prunes, dates, mandarins and lemons. For the production of goods, the wheat germinates before the appearance of maximum sprouts and is thoroughly grinded with one of the ten dried fruits without addition of sugar and flour. The production process allows the maximum preservation of minerals, vitamins, fiber, enzymes in the formed products. All products pass the certification on conformity to GOST and completely approach under assortment of a healthy food. The company is a regular participant of thematic exhibitions, is customer-focused and ready to work with orders of any extent.
Sea Kelp Chips; Pomegranate and Chocolate; Chocofruits