Almas Kavir Khoshab (Top Nut)

1116958688, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Tehran, No 46, First Floor, Saraye Omid, After Naser Khosro, Bazar, Tehran, Iran
Phone number
+98 (912) 1446432; +98 (021) 33996094
About company
We’re Nut experts — We keep grocery stores filled with nutritious, safe and authentic foods for families everywhere.opNut is one of the largest pistachio trades in Hong Kong. With the headquarters in London, other offices are also in operation in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. We trade more than 5,000 tons of pistachios in different varieties annually. The main focus of the company is to ensure food safety and quality. We are one of few companies that offer organic pistachios with guaranteed pesticide free analysis. As a knowledge-based-organisation, controlling Aflatoxin at every stage of production from harvesting and post harvesting to packing is our top priority. TopNut is registered as international quality assessed organisation under Accredited Certification and audits from USA and UK. We provide unbiased, timely market information and reliable long-term contracts with the highest level of integrity, reliability, and service in our association. With the experience of having a range of customers worldwide, TopNut supplies premium pistachio nuts based on customers’ quality demand and target price.
Almas Kavir Khoshab (Top Not )