Visterra LLC

659650, Russia, s. Altaiskoe, Altai Territory, Zaozernaya Street, 2
Phone number
+7 (3854) 555802; +7 (3854) 555802
About company
Visterra (Visterra) in Latin is the power of the earth. The enterprise is engaged in deep processing of various types of natural raw materials with the production of thick and dry extracts and health products based on them. Wisterra is the most advanced organization in Russia in the development and implementation of innovative technologies for processing various types of natural raw materials. The enterprise was the first in Russia to organize the processing of raw materials at the site of its harvesting and growing. It is the only one in Russia that carries out the processing of fresh vegetable raw materials with the manufacture of finished products. A significant part of the raw material is grown on its own plantations. The enterprise is a figurant of the section The preventive medicine of the HealthNet road map (health network) approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The Wisterra company developed the Project for the creation of the Scientific and Educational Agrotechnopark in the form of a public-private partnership with participation in the Project of profile educational and scientific institutions of the Siberian Federal District. That is, Wisterra not only produces substances and health products based on natural raw materials, but does a great job of reviving the field of medicinal plant growing in Russia and changing the status of health products. We see in this a great future for Russia, we are bringing this future closer. And this is the mission of Wisterra. Wisterra is a step into the future.
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