Altaysnack, PO

659320, Russia, Biysk, Altai Krai, Biysk, Kozhzavodskaya St., 2
Phone number
+7 (3854) 372847; +7 (3854) 372847
About company
Production Association "Altaysnack" - one of the largest manufacturers of snacks as well as products from sprouted grain in the Altai region. "Altaysnack" founded over 20 years ago, in 1997. The accumulated experience and continuous implementation of updates allow us to provide not only the highest quality of products, but also a highly demanded range. The company sells its products, which has been awarded numerous awards at Russian and international exhibitions through retail chains and online stores in Russia and the CIS market. Products "Altaysnack" daily picks of over 300 000 customers! "Altaysnack" manufactures products under the well-known and beloved brands buyers: "Altai crackers" and "Homka" (chips, crackers, croutons), "Sergeeva bakery" and "My delicious day" (bakery and pastry), "Vita" (cereals, flour and bread from sprouted grains). In 2011, "Altaysnack" develops the production of wholesome foods from germinated seeds under the trademark "Vita", which translated means "life". The company is an expert in everything related to the germination of grain and legumes – from the selection of raw materials to finished products in the package. The production site is based in the foothills of the Altai, which allows the use of environmentally friendly and high-quality raw materials grown in local fields. The company is actively implemented method of "cold (raw) technologies", where the temperature of processing of raw materials does not exceed 420C. The products manufactured under the trademark «Vita» have a high biological value, it has a completely natural composition, taste and aroma, she is very like adults and children. In 2019, the company's assortment was replenished with products from sprouted lentils and green buckwheat, which do not contain gluten. In the priority plans of the company "Altaysnack" is the active development of new technologies, expansion of range and sales in the category of "healthy food".
Vita; Homka; Sergiyev of the Bakery