Alfit, Fharmaceutical plant Galen

656036, Russia, Barnaul, str. Matrosov, 13
Phone number
+7 (3852) 360406; +7 (3852) 360406
About company
LLC «Pharmaceutical Plant" Galen "together with the scientific-production firm" Alfit "more than 20 years, develops, produces and sells products made from wild plants collected in ecologically clean areas of Gorny Altai. Director of the company is well-known physician-phytotherapist, oncologist, Head of the Altai Krai fitocenter "Alfit", PhD Korepanov Sergey V., who is the author of popular books on herbal medicine, dozens of scientific papers and inventions in this field. High efficiency and quality of plant products are confirmed by multiple clinical trials, high marks at trade shows, numerous reviews of patients from all over Russia, CIS and foreign countries. Efficacy and safety of products is achieved through a combination of two important factors: - Using the best raw materials of the Altai, which is harvested in its natural habitat areas; - Unique manufacturing processes in which the manufacture of safety is ensured phytomixture necessary biological agents without the use of artificial additives and preservatives. - The product range of the plant is represented by more than 200 names of drugs for the treatment and prevention. The main types of products are: dietary supplements, herbal dry mixes, herbal extracts and cosmetics. Among them are such well-known drugs like drinks tea "Alfit" botanicals "Ekstal." Together with the scientific-industrial firm "Alfit" LLC "pharmaceutical factory" Galen "is guiding the research and teaching and educational work - lectures on herbal medicine for a wide range of listeners, meetings with doctors, participate in scientific conferences, as well as publication of research materials in the popular media on the subject. In today's challenging environmental conditions, OOO "pharmaceutical factory" Galen "strives to convey to everyone the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the one hand, and provides the necessary, natural products, created by nature itself, on the other.