Vitamin Product, LLC

656922, Russia, Barnaul, Russia, Altai Territory, Barnaul, PO Box 2399
Phone number
+7 (3852) 385601
About company
In 2001, in the Altai Territory, the Vitamin Product production enterprise was founded, which set a goal: to bring a piece of this invaluable wealth to any corner of our planet. The mission of our company is the production of natural products for human health through the use of the unique properties of Altai plant materials. To do this, we built our own production, on which daily are produced: - juices of direct extraction from sea buckthorn; - nectars and drinks based on it; - edible oils; - balms, boils and syrups; - cosmetic and essential oils; - medicinal herbs; - tea drinks and phyto-collections. These products are presented under the trademark "AVEO". For many years and to this day, ALSU employees have been caring and lovingly producing fortifying foods and dietary supplements, trying every day to steadily increase their quality and production volumes. Therefore, we constantly equip our production with modern equipment that allows us to use the latest technology to guarantee the production of high-quality and safe products that meet the requirements of current international quality standards. Thanks to this, today our company is one of the largest enterprises in Russia and abroad in its segment. AVEO - in translation from Latin means "Be healthy!". And we comply with our brand: we constantly strive to maintain your health. Take care of yourself!