443000, China, Yichang, Hubei Province, Group 1, Qianping Village, Caihua Town, Wufeng County
Phone number
+86 () 18972525555; +86 (717) 5761666
About company
WUFENG DAIHE TEA CO., LTD. (herein after called DAIHE TEA), locates in Wufeng County, Yichang City, Hubei Provice, in the mysterious area of 30 degrees north latitude. Great difference in temperature between day and night has brought a relatively slow growth of tea and rich contents in tea leaves. It is a famous tribute tea producing area. DAIHE TEA has been carrying out the core development concept of "company + base + farmer + market". Company is playing the leading role, and taking radiation effect to nearly 12000 MU tea plantations around it, by guiding farmers with seedling, fertilizing, and tillage scientifically, helping them to establish standard tea gardens. It focuses on green control and picking teas in classifications to ensure best quality from the very beginning. DAIHE TEA insists on fine management. Selecting of high-quality fresh leaves, integrating modern tea-making technology with traditional techs, it strives to be a conscientious and responsible modern ecological agricultural enterprise. Company possess a standard factory, totally 2,200㎡, with more than 100 sets of modern tea machinery. In 2018, it realized production and sale in green tea and black tea for almost 300,000Kg, The main market is 22 provinces and municipalities in China. GENERATION AFTER GENERATION, LIVE HARMONIOUS HAPPINESS. DAIHE TEA will always adhere to the core business philosophy of "surviving by quality and winning the market by reputation", to make due contributions to revitalizing Wufeng tea industry, promoting Wufeng tea culture, and building Wufeng tea brand.