Altai tea factory

659810, Russia, Altai Krai, Kosikhinskiy district,village Nalobikha, the Republic of St. 1E
Phone number
+7 (800) 7750589; +7 (902) 1400489
About company
Natural herbal teas. OOO "Altai tea factory" (JSC "Altai tea") – manufacturer of aromatic herbal tea beverages with bright, rich, pleasant flavor and aroma from wild Altai plant raw materials. All components of our Altai tea are collected only in ecologically clean mountain and taiga regions of Altai where there is no influence on plants of products of vital activity of the person. Each component is collected at a certain period, when the natural force in it is maximum, cut in a certain way and then applies an exclusive recipe for drying, cutting and mixing of components. Our tea, thanks to modern technologies, equipment and our little secrets, does not lose the best useful properties and qualities during all life cycle - from preparation to pleasant tea drinking.