Yerevan Chocolate Company

0079, Armenia, Yerevan, Mikoyan 17/2 street
Phone number
+374 (60) 484818; +374 (10) 660043
About company
Yerevan Chocolate Company produces chocolates with various fillings, truffles, and chocolate-covered dried fruits. Company is represented in the market by two brands; Mark Sevouni and Sonuar. The assortment of chocolate candies is presented in the box format with a very attractive and premium design, as well as in the format of packaged chocolate candies by a weight of 0.5 kg and 1 kg each. Our products are of high quality due to the use of high-quality raw materials, production methods, and the involvement of highly qualified specialists. The history of Yerevan Chocolate Company begins in 2006. Starting as a "Sonagro", based on the experience of the first years of its activity, the company decided to come up with high-quality products on the market and created new brands which strive to global popularity and recognition. Today, the company is successfully positioning its Mark Sevouni and Sonuar brands in the local and global markets and continues to prosper with each coming year. The company successfully continues to expand production capacities with advanced technology and equipment that are combined with handmade production. This surely guarantees the high quality of the company’s production.
Mark Sevouni, Sonuar