105082, Russia
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+7 (495) 7908969; +7 (905) 7989000
About company
Production of natural jelly marmalade according to the original recipe! Confectionery "MARMECO" – a huge selection of natural marmalade, a variety of flavors and shapes. Here You will find a classic shaped marmalade, a sweet treat for toast, marmalade original figurines and gift sets under the brand "MARME" and "MARMITE". Each variety is the result of painstaking work on the recipe. Our experts sought to reveal the taste of fruits and berries, while maintaining their useful properties. You can enjoy not only the classic marmalade: cherry, strawberry, lemon, etc. - but also more original varieties. For example, we offer an invigorating marmalade with natural coffee beans and a delicate creamy delicacy with a taste of mint, melon or peach. We make Marmalade using pectin – a natural polysaccharide, which is a natural enterosorbent. It helps to detoxify the body, improves the digestive tract and positively affects the level of glucose in the blood. Marmalade on pectin can be recommended even for people with diabetes (after consultation with a doctor!). And of course, we recommend natural marmalade with pectin to those who follow the figure. It promotes fast and long saturation, and 100 g of the product contains only 320 kcal. It can be added to the daily diet even with a strict calculation of BCG. And most importantly – pectin-based marmalade is perfect for children. Especially for kids we offer original marmalade figures. We will find the best gift for Your colleagues, partners, employees and Your loved ones! Work under STM! We make a product for those who appreciate individuality and manual work. In each gift the master put his love. In addition, on an individual order for a few days, the production of marmalade of various variations of packaging and forms of marmalade is offered. Treat yourself and your children with a delicious treat!