Agricultural Trade Promotion Center, MARA

100125, China, Beijing, No 20, Maizidian Street,Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Phone number
+86 (10) 59194473; +86 (10) 59194577
About company
Agricultural Trade Promotion Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, takes the main responsibilities in both policy implementation and public services in a multi-level, multi-channel and all-around way with the objectives of developing national rural economy, increasing farmers' income and promoting agri-trade. Main Responsibilities: Providing technical support and participating in the new round of WTO agricultural negotiations, bilateral agriculture-related and free-trade areas negotiations; Participation in settlement of agricultural trade disputes and in reviewing trade policies; undertaking investigations on injuries to agriculture sector as well as on anti-dumping and counter-vailing investigations; Research on agricultural trade policies and making readjustment and reform suggestions related to issues of trade policies and system reforms such as import and export tax rate and tariff quota control on farm products; Promotion of agricultural trade; general management of agricultural trade promotion in the sector; organizing such trade promotion activities as agricultural trade exhibitions and conventions at home and abroad; providing services of marketing and promoting farm products at international markets; Management and maintenance of China Agriculture for Trade and Economy Information Network; collecting and analyzing agricultural trade information; creating and maintaining the agricultural trade data banks.