ARGO Meat-processing holding

140070, Russia, Moscow Region, Tomilino Settlement, Gogolya Str., 39/1, Bldg. 23, Premises 10, Litera F
Phone number
+7 (495) 5091272; +7 (495) 5575795
About company
ARGO is vertically integrated meat-processing and trading holding; the producer of coarse-grained army canned meat “Voiskovoy Spetsreserve”. Main production is «Meat Canning Plant ARGO» based in Kaliningrad. Head office is LLC “Trading Company «ARGO»” created in 1997. Holding structure includes Kaliningrad Plant, Moscow logistic center and regional representation. ARGO produces more than 24 million cans of canned meat per annum. Wide range of the company includes canned beef, pork, mutton, horse, dear and poultry, tender pate, porridge with meat and pilaf with meat, canned soups and ready-to-eat main meals. Product is issued in most popular types of iron tare, which is based on tin can with volumes 325 and 525 gramme. Besides, there is also product issued in tall 338 gramme volume and product issued in glass cans with 500 gramme volume (almost all cans have customer-popular “easy-open key”). On account of special economic Kaliningrad based zone cost optimization was achieved which is reflected in high quality of the product and attractive competitive prices. Now canned meat ARGO is popular in every town in Russia and adjusted schemes delivery allow to deliver the product directly from Kaliningrad Plant to customers who live in any Russian region with minimum costs. Cooperating with meat-processing holding ARGO wholesale companies, organizers of joint purchases and over-the-counter customers are always sure: the Kaliningrad canned meat ARGO – is stability of the highest quality at favorable price!
Voiskovoi Spetsrezerv; Voinskaya; Сarskaya kurochka; Le Pashteh; Sun Mix; Tushonka; Rossijskaya tushenka.