Solnechnyy veter (Solar wind)

443016, Russia, Samara, 22 Parts'ezda street, 45, office 613
Phone number
+7 (846) 2440250
About company
The company occupies a leading position in the market of the Samara region and neighboring regions for the production and sale of wheat flour of the highest quality. It is also possible to provide services for packing flour under your brand. Particular attention in the line of products deserves flour in packages of 25 kg and 50 kg in paper bags ("export" flour). The packaging line and packaging are Italian, which have no analogues in Russia. Practical bags are equipped with a convenient opening valve. During transportation, the bags are carefully placed on a pallet and are wrapped in a stretch film, which additionally protects the packaging and facilitates loading and unloading. The immediate goal of the Company is the maximum automation of production with the use of the latest equipment, which will provide unsurpassed quality of products that can satisfy the most demanding tastes of the consumer.