400001, Russia, Volgograd, str. Kalinina 13
Phone number
+7 (8442) 550180; +7 (499) 1447792
About company
Volgograd cannery is a developing food company in Volgograd, production was founded in 1930. To date, more than 400 people are involved in production processes. We adhere to Russian and world standards of quality. To our clients we offer more than 100 kinds of products. This is the first, and second lunch dishes, snacks, sauces, salads, canned vegetables, and everyone's favorite caviar. We use vegetables grown on our fields. This allows you to produce natural, environmentally friendly products, and most importantly reduce their cost. We pay special attention to water for canning. We extract water from our own well and produce cleaning that allows us to preserve its taste qualities
"FAMILY", "Дары Огородников", "Усадьба Атамана"