Hunan Xia Weiqi edible fungus development Co., Ltd

410145, China, Gaoqiao/Changsha, Gaoqiao village in Gaoqiao town of Changsha county Hunan province
Phone number
+86 (731) 86155668; +86 () 13973133633
About company
Hunan Xia Wei Qi edible fungus development Co., Ltd. was established in March 2008. It is located in Gaoqiao village, Gaoqiao Town, Changsha County Gaoqiao Town, known as "Chinese edible fungus plant center". It is a large edible fungus intensive processing enterprise with the qualification of agricultural products import and export enterprise, which is a collection, storage, processing and sale. Our main products are: edible fungus dry products series, edible fungus canned series. Our products are made of all kinds of edible fungi. We do not add any preservatives and color preservatives. Our products are rich in protein, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. They are rich in nutrition and delicious taste.