Sichuan Miao Shi Modern Agricultural Development Co., Ltd

, China, Sichuan, No.3 Group, Chunhe Village, Ganzi Town, Lingshui, Guang'an
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+86 (028) 13980627245
About company
Miao's manor is located in the city of Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, the city of Tangzi town spring and village, transportation is convenient, close to the DYU Expressway and Shanghai high speed, 210 National Road and Da Yu high-speed through the north and south, 304 provincial road and adjacent cushion high-speed crossing things, Sichuan and Chongqing two places one hour access. The total investment of the manor is 500 million, the first phase investment is 220 million yuan, the first project covers more than 3000 mu, and the total construction will reach 10000 mu. It is built on the mountain and near the water. It is a modern new agricultural development which integrates green catering, red wine culture, ecological cultivation, grape picking, leisure tourism, organic fruit and vegetable, scientific research and teaching, meeting banquets and so on. Comprehensive industrial park.