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432063, Russia, Ulyanovsk, 2 pereulok Mira, 24
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+7 (800) 2001339; +7 (951) 0958909
About company
Betty's cake is a Russian manufacturer of premium quality desserts. For the development of recipes and selection of technologies that we now produce our cheesecakes, it was spent more than a year of painstaking work. Before achieving the ideal result, we processed not one hundred kilograms of cheese, melange (eggs) and cream. Priority was given to high standards for equipping production. We have equipped the latest production with a new line of professional equipment for confectioneries (modern stoves, mixers, refrigeration equipment and shock freezing equipment). So there appeared on the market desserts under the brand name Betty's cake. For today in assortment are presented: • cheesecake 8 flavors: “New - York”, “Chocolate”, “Strawberry”, “Coconut and Almond”, “Cappuccino”, “Mint and Black Currant”, “Cherry and Chocolate”, “Lemon and Ginger” • cakes "Red Velvet", "Tiramisu", "Honey - cake", "Honey - cake Chocolate" • mousse desserts • beer desserts "Brownies with cumin" and "Rosemary cake with tomato" Currently, our products are more than 20 regions of Russia. The plans to expand the geography of supplies throughout Russia and beyond.
Betty's cake